George Long

Solo exhibition at Marcia Wood Gallery, Mimic, April 26 – June 9, 2012.

George Long’s new work considers the nature of human behavior with delicately executed, nuanced images of children. Together, the exhibition title, “Mimic”, the repeated imagery of children similar to each other, and the artist’s process, suggest the trait of mirroring those around us as we develop our identities while adding our unique qualities along the way. The drawings in graphite, oil and venetian plaster on paper, are derived at through a series of re-translations. Long makes original drawings of boys in various stages of play and chores, set in either neutral space or among piles of chopped wood, sometimes with a water tower or shed delicately etched in the background. He then manipulates the original drawings, through tracing, stamping, copying and transferring them repeatedly onto the paper. In the process each generation of the original image is degraded, and at the same time new information is added. The final figures fade and shift, repeat, overlap, separate and blend into each other with wispy, broken and smudged lines. One thinks of dream sequences, time shifting, fleeting memories. The boys are playful and active, standing alone or interacting with another. They are about the same age, they could possibly be the same boy, or brothers, mates, and they are suspended
in space, with only an occasional hint of place that feels rural and benign. Long brings
his trademark wit to the gallery installation, replete with paper wood logs mimicking actual wood piles, and a few more surprises.

Untitled 1 – 2012 – print  – 22 x 30 inches

George Long received his BFA from the Atlanta College of Art in 1995 and currently lives and works in Atlanta. His first solo exhibition at Marcia Wood Gallery was in 2004, where he introduced the now widely acclaimed 8 x 8 series. Long is versatile in a broad range of media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and metal working. He is also
a member of the very active, experimental, Atlanta based collaborative group, SSAR (Sunday Southern Art Revival). Long’s solo exhibitions include the Columbus Museum, Columbus, GA, the University of West Georgia, Carrolton, GA, the Madison County Art Council, Marshall N.C. the Spruill Gallery, Atlanta, and Puritan Mill, Atlanta. Group exhibitions have included the International Kunstler Kolonie Exhibition, Nuremburg,
(and residency), The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (2007 Biennial and 2012 “Day Job: Georgia), the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art, Jacksonville, FL, Tempus Projects, Tampa, FL, Dalton Gallery, Agnes Scott College, Georgia, and Brenau University, Georgia, among others. In 2010 he received an NEA grant for public sculpture and sculpture exhibitions include the AnnMrrie Sculpture Center in Solomon Island, Maryland, North River Park, Charleston, SC, and the Chattahoochie Nature Center, Roswell, GA, Art in Freedom Park, Atlanta, and Banaroo, Manchester, Tenn. Long has exhibited with SSAR throughout Atlanta and the southeast in galleries, art centers and public spaces, including for the city of Atlanta Four Coats mural project, ELEVATE, Underground Atlanta, Space One Eleven, Birmingham, Al,


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